” This position is echoed by the rebel prisoners who are captured by Chamberlain’s adult men. They insist they are preventing for their legal rights, not for the continuance of slavery. But Chamberlain is not certain.

When he sees the wounded black man, he thinks he sees the lead to of the war, the enslavement of blacks, extremely obviously. Offensive as opposed to Defensive War. A recurring topic is the disagreement amongst Longstreet and Lee around strategy. Longstreet is a pioneer of defensive warfare, and he thinks Lee is misguided in his insistence on attack. Longstreet consistently argues for location up a audio defensive situation and luring the enemy into an assault.

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He attempts to persuade Armistead of the virtues of his concept, but Armistead insists that neither Lee nor his army is suited for “sluggish uninteresting protection. ” Lee is not to be certain, both. He loathes the nickname of “King of Spades,” which was supplied to him when he requested tunnels dug for the defense of Richmond, Virginia.

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Defensive warfare goes versus his education. He has self confidence in the pride of his men they have been outgunned in advance of, as they are now, but have even now gained excellent victories. He thinks only of attacking and receiving the battle gained. For Longstreet, nevertheless, Lee’s mind-set is out of custom master’s essay writing service day.

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The overall war, Longstreet thinks, is outdated-fashioned, with methods relationship back again to the Napoleonic era, as well as outmoded notions of chivalry and glory. “They all experience to glory, all the plumed knights,” he thinks bitterly as he seems to be at the Confederate officers. In the end, Longstreet is proved right, and Lee acknowledges this to him. On the Union side, Buford espouses theories similar to all those of Longstreet.

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He has experienced considerably experience in the Indian Wars, and he speaks disparagingly about how ineffective is “that superb cost, sabers a-shining” against the Indian, who will conceal at the rear of a rock and then shoot you as you go by. Putting his experience to superior use, Buford has schooled his males in defensive techniques, which is how they are able to dig in and hold off the attacking Confederates until relief comes. Divided Friendships. The nature of the Civil War is introduced house by recurrent references to the point that it has break up up aged good friends and comrades and put them on opposite sides in the conflict. Longstreet remembers the shock of knowing that “the boys he was battling have been boys he had grown up with. ” Ahead of the war, the Accomplice Armistead was near buddies with the Union gentleman, Hancock. In an emotional scene, Armistead remembers his final assembly with his good friend, when immediately after evening meal at Hancock’s home, they stood all over the piano, singing.

Now, two yrs later on, at Gettysburg, Armistead must choose element in a demand on a position defended by Hancock. When Longstreet and Lee search again on their exploits in the U. S. war from Mexico (1846-1848), Longstreet speaks admiringly of the men who served with them, noting that “Some of them are up in advance now, ready for us. ” When Chamberlain thinks about the ethics of putting his brother in grave hazard by getting him to plug a gap in the line, he displays: “Killing of brothers.

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