Yet, by the time I saw these victims, the crime was over and the healing process had already begun. Since the role of DEWs in organized stalking is surrounded by at least as much disinformation as any other area of the subject, it is difficult to know how widespread the use of such weapons could be – let alone how to defend against them. The technical issues involved in possible counter-measures are beyond my ken, but for what it is worth, a credible source – Wired – states in this May 2012 article that a Faraday cage blocks all electromagnetic radiation. Such a tactic would be a logical choice for use in organized stalking, since it would be difficult or impossible to prove that such attacks were happening.

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And all those agencies – plus others – have access to the nationwide system of data “Fusion Centers,” so there is no way that everyone from local cops to the U.S. All of the job listings specify that applicants must have active secret clearances and counterintelligence training. As you begin to wade through the search results, you will mostly encounter websites filled with incoherent rubbish. Anyone even superficially familiar with counterintelligence will recognize this tactic; it is called disinformation. Particularly compelling is the author’s account of how colleagues excoriated reporter Daniel Schorr when he went to the Village Voice with the confidential results of one of the investigations, after having been silenced by his own employers, CBS.

Emotional distress from the FBI’s operations against Ms. Seberg – while she was pregnant – apparently caused her to give birth prematurely , and ultimately led her to commit suicide. Ms. Seberg was just one of many victims targeted by the FBI’s secret police program. A November 2013 report on corporate spying by Gary Ruskin, director of the Center for Corporate Policy, used the word “lawlessness” to describe the nature of the industry. His report – “Spooky Business” – concluded that the private intelligence and law enforcement industry functions with virtually no oversight.

For example, whenever the victim leaves his residence, a stalker in the area will cough or honk a horn or slam a door. It is a way of reminding the targeted individual that he or she is under constant surveillance. U.S. government agents and private security contractors use the tactic both to gather information and to perpetrate psychological operations, such as threats and harassment. Some of the psychological operations tactics described below have ancient roots. For example, the use of noise to torment enemies dates back to the warfare of early civilizations – including the siege of Jericho in the Old Testament.

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At this stage it’s assumed that the target’s friends or family are contacted via mail or some other method, given the notification, and then they probably have some kind of confidentially agreement that they have to adhere to. One guy almost had a breakdown cause he could not tell his girlfriend about something and was forced to lie. Their one handed sign language include things like tapping the side of the nose, corner of the eye, brushing back the hair 3 times, the infamous double blink, etc. Ensure targets who are flagged in this way have proper notification letting them know that they are flagged.

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Additionally, planting evidence can be intentionally done in ways that the victim himself will easily find the evidence – just to send the threatening message that target is vulnerable to this type of attack. The tactic is perfectly suited to counterintelligence subversion because it undermines the targeted individual in a way that will likely force the victim to be preoccupied with economic survival rather than political activism or whistle-blowing. Tactics used in the spying-and-lying industry are unfamiliar to the general public.

Dur­ing the First World War, police in Los Angeles expanded their focus to in­clude ideological subversion, hunting for radicals and “disloyal” people and groups. In 1970, the P.D.I.D. spied on students and pro­fessors at UCLA who were suspected of “conspiratorial activities,” and agents provocateurs infiltrated student demonstrations. COINTELPRO was a secret illegal program in which U.S. law enforcement personnel and their various government and private citizen accomplices systematically spied on, slandered, terrorized, and committed acts of violence against American citizens.

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Opportunities for psychopaths in corporations to abuse the legal system and to abuse modern security technology in order to target individuals for personal reasons have greatly increased recently. As disinformation, the subject has traction both because brain implant technology has existed for decades and because the U.S. intelligence community has a well-documented history of secret unethical mind-control experiments on humans . The role of such weapons in U.S. domestic counterintelligence operations is in the realm of speculation and anecdotal evidence.

Gang Stalking IS “Unconventional Warfare:” Elements of Citizen Torture

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The woman has a powerful modeling profession that includes collaborations with many world-famous brands. In specific, she appeared in promoting campaigns for Roberto Cavalli, Givenchy, Missoni, Just Cavalli, and many others. In addition, the sweetness has recorded several bossa nova albums, during which she sings each music and plays the guitar in a few of them. On a personal level, participating in any form of gangstalking is not only insane but utterly immoral, and spiritually and ciminally corrupt. If you care, choose never to participate, inform the target (carefully/secretly), make a united stand with friends and neighbours not participate and log all the evidence you can – takedown all information you can. Be smart, technology and the capability of those that have orchestrated these world terrors are immense.

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