However, within the Mexican Kickapoo tribe, it truly is something much more romantic. Whistling is actually a way for two lovers to talk to each other in public without having the whole village hear their business. Traditionally using a flute, members of the tribe now whistle to deliver sweet messages and even plan when and where they’re next going to meet. Each couple has their own tone that is instantly recognizeable so they don’t get confused with other whistling couples, and use code to keep their messages secret. Normally, the whistling is used to send a short message, but full-length conversations can also happen this way.

Let’s admit that this is basically one of the best perks of being in an intercultural relationship, although the process is often difficult. Bonus points for your kids, if you and your partner already sport dual citizenships. Many of those holidays are being integrated by other cultures, but it’s good to know there are some to add to your calendar.

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On the bright side, you can drink whatever and however much you like . It does, however, have different rules than other countries . According to The Local, the best way to be successful at dating in Sweden is to keep it casual — don’t call anything you do a “date” and start and end the hangout with a hug, not a kiss . You also need to take concrete action to demonstrate your commitment to repairing the damage caused by the mistake. For example, if you made an error on a customer’s order, offer them a discount or free shipping as a gesture of goodwill. This shows that you are serious about making things right and want to rebuild your relationship with them.

I have learned all of these things because I am American, and my boyfriend is Persian and American. He moved to the United States when he was 17 and is now a dual citizen. Dating him has been overwhelming, right from the first time I had to take an extra minute to figure out what he was saying because I couldn’t understand his accent.

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You also come to realize that if you’re with the right person, it doesn’t even matter where you’re going all the time — because you’re actually already there. But it’s important to remember that communication is key, to be open-minded, and to be willing to compromise. Who knows, you might end up loving your partner’s culture more than your own. There will be things that you don’t understand about each other’s cultures. What’s not normal is not communicating about those things.


But on a marriage the bill is usually all paid between by two person. Cristian is the Director of Operations and one of the early members of Crated with Love, a date night company that focuses on providing quality time to couples all over the world. As a big fan proponent of continuous improvement, Cristian always strives to learn and further himself as a person. “Everyone in your family will come in with different expectations once you announce you are seeing someone of a different culture. Be prepared for any conflict that may arise once your family learns of these differences, or if they speak out of turn.

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Don’t immediately introduce them to friends and family. Whether you think your former spouse is a virtual saint or a monster, it never pays to compare your current relationship to your old one. Even if you’ve always had a particular type, don’t be afraid to try something new when you’re back on the dating scene over 50. Just because you’ve only dated white collar professionals doesn’t mean you won’t have just as much fun with someone working in a trade. And when it comes to physical appearance, dating someone who doesn’t look like your exes can be an exciting adventure in its own right.

Some of the customs in other countries will pleasantly surprise you, and make you want to move over to that nation for good. Others will be a little less enticing, and perhaps convince you to avoid dating people from that culture from this point on. And there are some dating customs that are just plain hard to wrap your head around! Here are 15 international dating customs you need to know about right now. While culture sometimes intersects in morals and quotes, ithas always interesting to learn and absorb new traditions.

However, your foreign beau just frowns at you perplexed, and scratches his head. For instance, you may hear people say things like “All Turkish men are possessive” or “dating in Croatia is shallow”. Such sweeping generalisations are offensive and unhelpful.

Don’t let this restrict you from experimenting with new cuisines, travelling to far-flung destinations or dressing according to different customs. Nothing need be set in stone and you’re free to stop at any time you want. It is possible to meet people in the middle, without sacrificing too much of what is dear to you. I ate it and thought it was chicken, only to discover that it was sheep brain.

It is absolutely true that someone’s culture, upbringing, and the things that they have been exposed to while growing up, can influence their behavior and relationships later in life. However, when learning a new language unlocks the opportunity to better get to know a wonderful human being from a different background, it is easy to feel more motivated. There is something incredibly wonderful about being able to make jokes and be sarcastic to someone you love in another language.

Try to speak in each other’s language where you can, even if you end up speaking an odd blend of the two languages. The same applies if you live in a large capital city whose population is made up of people from across the globe. Respect their country’s cultural norms and differences.

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