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They should not be setting agricultural policy today, the fault lies squarely on your lap and on your desk, Mr. Minister. It’s interesting, Mr. Speaker, I had mentioned earlier, I told the minister when he suggested to me that in my riding this was going to be a major issue. I said to him, and I will make that commitment publicly to him, as I’ve said everywhere else, I would be more than willing to stand beside him and defend the changes to the Registration Act because I believe it’s the right thing to do for agriculture, period.


They found it very difficult to do their job on the oath they took to protect and property in that municipality because of the need to respect their union brothers’ position and their loyalty to their union as well. It’s about the right of an employee in this province to choose. I can tell you that I speak with some authority on this from my previous life as mayor in Sydney when we had labour troubles from time to time. In those days, the police had to agonize about their duty to the people that they served – the persons and property of that municipality – or to their loyalty to their union brothers who would be out on strike. That’s our job, that’s why we’re sent here, to ensure every piece of legislation that comes through the House receives the full scrutiny of the members.

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She had an enormous sense of place and her love of this province inspired her to amass a vast collection of historical documents, a collection that is second to none, and it’s widely used by academics and historical researchers. Whitecap is even more volatile in that it often tracks the price of oil. When crude goes down, WCP will likely also, and vice-versa. So, trading these junior oil and gas stocks requires one to keep a keen eye on the price of commodities, primarily crude oil and natural gas. The company is an advertising platform and one that is expected to experience a decline in activity due to the potential recession. And as a result, this one has significant price swings based on earnings activity and even simple news releases.


In the areas where there were lobster fisheries and people could exist in both fisheries, the fishermen, the people that may have fished lobsters, did not qualify for TAGS or any part of the groundfish subsidy. Mr. Chairman, I think it’s worth noting the final paragraph on the first page of Mr. Hayne’s presentation, where he says “there are too many fishermen chasing too few fish”. As long as they’re not satisfied, the problem will never be solved.

As the fleet planning board, when the Marshall decision came out, we had a number of meetings and figured out how we were going to address the new decision. One of the things we decided—the list of things is in this paper, on page 3—is that conservation would be the first thing. Also, we fish as equals, we fish in commercial seasons, and there is direct district management. By that, we meant the natives in an area would only be able to fish in that area, where they traditionally had been accessed on the shore. We asked the federal government to reintroduce the effort replacement buyback policy to a level acceptable to aboriginal fishers and traditional inshore fishers, and we asked that the cost of negotiations and buybacks be paid by the federal government. I would like to ask the witness the following question.

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The former Barristers and Solicitors Act will be repealed and replaced by this legislation. This legislation has arisen as a result of extensive consultation over many years by the Bar Society which has attempted to draft a piece of legislation that modernizes matters with the legal profession. I would like to bring to the attention of the House, Mr. Darrel Pink, the Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society, and one of the chief architects of the drafting of this bill today.

But I said to him, when you look at 2,500 farmers in Nova Scotia, almost 2,200 of them support the federation, 300 asked for a refund. More than half of those, Mr. Speaker, is less than $180. Therefore be it resolved that all members congratulate Jana Miller on her musical accomplishments and thank her for her contribution to the musical fabric of her school and community and wish her every success as she pursues a professional career in vocal performance. If you are going to be successful at day trading, the size of your account determines how much you can make. It is a small-cap stock with a relatively low volume, which also amplifies the current volatility.

  • This is good because you have to consciously engage the engine, so I find that very often I simply don’t use the engine.
  • Day traders must figure out if trading stocks with this type of volatility fits into their overall strategy.
  • We see that the entry of the first nations into the fishery will actually offer a lot of positive opportunities.
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So we, the fishermen—and I’m specifically talking about LFA 34 right now, because I can’t talk for LFA 32 or whatever other areas—have protected our livelihood very well without government regulations—somewhat; we’ve had some. As you know, fishermen are not the type for long-term negotiations. Basically, they want an answer now, not tomorrow. You can’t tell them we’re going to negotiate this deal and it’s going to take a few weeks. I don’t know how many people are actually represented by your council, but I think it’s about 30,000 people. So tell us the numbers, because I don’t see the numbers working unless somebody gets displaced.

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They are coming in, and outside the body, underneath the tail…to release their eggs. Please keep your remarks fairly short, and then we’ll get to questions. We’ve sanctioned one or two people, not to do with this, but just on violation of our own guideline timeframes, which are in there. So the Marshall decision put an end to the need for a black market. I want to thank you, Mr. Hunka, for your presentation. I was interested in hearing your plea for the opportunity to talk.

The agent who responded was able to help within minutes and my refund was processed. Are you curious about who supports the House the Assembly? Do you want to learn how the Legislature operates? Do you want to learn about the history of the Legislature or view our media archive? Approximately 35 years ago the Pictou Causeway was constructed across Pictou Harbour as a shorter link between the Town of Pictou and the upper towns. The causeway does save considerable time; however, over the years large amounts of sediment and organic material, which once would have flushed out with the tide, has filled in above the causeway causing health and environmental concerns.

  • Their ability to do that has become constricted.
  • But let’s see what it can give its users in order to figure out the line of thought.
  • You also must provide more support for enforcement and enforcement training.
  • Those people who want to remain in bargaining units and have the right to strike, fine.
  • The company has made it clear to us that the one aspect of their operation which places them at a non-competitive nature with the rest of the pulp and paper mills throughout North America is the cost of electricity.
  • When you’re out there and you have a choice between leaving $11,000 of fish in the water, or $20,000 or $30,000 of fish in the water, or keeping fishing and having to throw away three to four thousand pounds of haddock, what are you going to do?

A recent study by the Pictou Environmental Protection Project showed fecal coliform counts above 200 parts per million in some areas. When will this government come out of the political Stone Age and recognize that punishing the voters in constituencies held by Opposition members is no way to curry favour with them. The Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture does important work and is an advocacy group for farmers at all levels of government. With today’s farming crisis in Nova Scotia their work is as important as ever. Suicide is one of the leading causes of injury-related deaths, and hospitalization in Nova Scotia.

The minimum deposit for this account is 2,000 USD, but if you’re knowledgeable trader and can enjoy an analyst’s assistance, this is often the simplest account for you. Founded in 2001, easyMarkets was one among the primary online brokers. There is no minimum amount you’ve got to withdraw from your trading account to credit/debit cards or eWallets, but once you make a withdrawal to a checking account , the specified minimum is $50. The standard withdrawal time interval is one business day, and withdrawals must be made to an equivalent account you originally deposited funds from. Additionally, the corporate has been running a successful partnership program for over a decade which has served over 400 thousand traders and seen quite $500 million in trading volume.

Right off the bat, you need to remember that most positive reviews are there by ‘invitation’ form EM. It doesn’t make them exactly unbiased, but there should a kernel of truth in the mass of them. They don’t allow you to use MT5 for this reason – they want to promote their own platform. It’s hard to say which platform is better, but at the very least it must be simplistic, because it’s one of the company’s main values. Foreigners and non-residents entering Canada can open a bank account with the right identification. Inside Viewer – this tool shows you what percentage of traders are buying or selling a selected instrument.

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With that said, I want to go back to say that Bill No. 87 takes very small steps towards opening up the renewables easymarkets review in Nova Scotia. Taking small steps, moving into the competitive energy marketplace is appropriate; taking such very small steps with respect to renewables, however, is highly problematic. I would have preferred it if the minister had moved much more aggressively on this topic. Well, the public interest is not in playing hardball with suppliers of wind energy; playing hardball discourages people from getting into that business. The public interest is to encourage people to get into that business and that’s exactly why we tried to sponsor an amendment to Bill No. 87, to make it clear that the tariff ought to be set at the Utility and Review Board. They refused to join with us in making that amendment; they refused to join with us in taking a step that would have encouraged the existence of a dynamic wind energy sector in Nova Scotia.

Two things we wanted to do were to collect and develop policy that will stabilize and advance Gulf of Nova Scotia multi-licensed core fishermen, less than 45 feet, and our second mission was to raise funds to do so. We were successful in buying some groundfish quota from midshore fleets and moving it into the inshore sector fishery where it could be fished by inshore fishermen to help stabilize their incomes. When we did that report, we had meetings, one-to-one conversations, and fishermen came to us with those stories. That’s not the actual individual doing it, but somebody’s brother who was out there fishing said, “Gee, something has to be done about this.” Today, nothing has been done about it, and people aren’t talking about it so much because they’re probably exhausted. So again, there goes that negotiation over litigation aspect that the current minister is talking about, when negotiation really would be the key to solve a lot of these concerns.

Mr. Speaker, well, we’ll see if the Minister of Education wishes to make a presentation himself at the rate hearings that are going to take place. Maybe he can explain to us, and explain to Nova Scotians, especially those on fixed incomes. The increase being sought is approximately an extra $10 a month to the average Nova Scotian’s electricity bill.

I am particularly concerned with hiring outside of the Halifax Regional Municipality. Nova Scotia was the only province whose rate of child poverty increased between 1999 and 2001, and it still hovers at unacceptable levels. When the National Child Tax Benefit Supplement clawback was ended in 2002, the personal use allowance for children in ESIA calculations was removed. It was worth more than the supplement, so families were left worse off. The National Council of Welfare has demonstrated this clearly.

In our area last year, which was considered a good year, in the Gulf of Nova Scotia I think the average was around 10,000 pounds per person. If you multiply that by $4.50 a pound, you get $45,000 in income. That has terrifically decreased the amount of money that is actually available to the fisherman at the end of the day. The fishery is not as lucrative as the press and a lot of people would like to think it is.

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